Dog Walking: All the Benefits for You and Your Dog

Benefícios de Dog Walking

For you who have a pet or for you who just take care of them or even for you who have simply spent time with a dog, I think we can agree that dogs are fantastic animals and they make anyone who is around them happier.

But do you know all the benefits, both physical and mental, that really come with dog walking? Yes, that’s right, taking your dog for a walk is much more than a trip to the bathroom to achieve your daily steps. From mental and physical improvements to creating strong bonds with your dog, the benefits of dog walking are endless, for both you and your dog! So let’s go and discover all the wonders of dog walking!

The Benefits of Dog Walking - For Humans

#1 Keeps the Body Healthy...

We have studies that say that dog owners walk substantially more than people who don’t have dogs, and with that, they are always more likely to meet their daily exercise goals. This proves that dogs not only make us happier, they also make us healthier!

A good daily dog walk with your four-legged friend can help you lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and even help prevent obesity. Regular walking (always with your dog “on-leash”) also helps promote the health of your muscles, bones, and joints, thus preventing diseases such as osteoporosis. Dog walking also improves circulation, promotes healthy digestion, and boosts the immune system. Who knew? As they say, a walk a day keeps the doctor away.

#2 ... And the Mind Too

We can all confirm that a long walk, with a cuddly dog by our side, is a way to always keep in a good mood. But more than that, dog walking can even improve your mental health, with the release of natural endorphins it helps to lower stress levels and with that to feel calmer, happier and more content in general. Also, dog walking at night can help us get a better night’s sleep.

Have you ever had an exchange of glances with someone doing dog walking and nodded your head or smiled slightly? It’s no coincidence, pets bring us closer together, and some studies have even shown that dogs can help their owners establish social connections. Dogs…we really don’t deserve you!!!

#3 Bond With Your Dog

As if all the benefits of dog walking weren’t enough…of course it’s also a great opportunity to bond between you and your pooch! (We honestly think that this alone is reason enough to take the leash and go).

Spending time alone with your dog is essential and can help strengthen and deepen the emotional bond you have with him. It will also help your dog be less lonely and keep him from barking, crying, and other destructive or attention-seeking behaviors.

Benefits of Dog Walking - For the Doggy

Good for Socializing and Training

Socialization in childhood is the key ingredient for a dog to be happy and healthy. Exposing your dog to different places, people, and situations early on can help reduce the chances that he will later develop anxiety-related problems.

Regular dog walking is a great way to help your dog hone his social skills and meet new people (and animals). In addition, a walk is the perfect time to practice new training skills and techniques, from the basics (like “sit” and “stay”) to more demanding exercises!

Make Your Puppy Less Stressful

No one likes to think that their dog is feeling anxious, but unfortunately, dogs can feel anxiety – according to one study, up to 72.5% of dogs can show signs of mild to severe anxiety during their lifetime.

Depending on the source of the anxiety, it can often be aggravated when the dog is trapped indoors or left alone for long periods of time. Daily dog walking, whether it’s a trip to the dog park or a walk in the street, can improve your dog’s mental health, help him release excess energy, and as a bonus, may even help him sleep better at night.

Whether you are planning a vacation or will be gone for a few nights, you can be sure that your dog’s walking schedule and routine doesn’t have to suffer. With a, caring and reliable provider of Yomashiyour dog will have all the attention it needs.

Help Your Dog Stay Healthy

Dog walking is not only great exercise for the human’s mind, body and soul – it’s also great for the dog’s health and well-being! The main health benefits that come with dog walking include improvements in physical fitness and a lower risk of obesity in dogs.

It can also ward off some common joint diseases in dogs, such as arthritis and hip dysplasia…

As we know, dogs love their routine and often like to “go to the bathroom” at certain times. Regular dog walking (at about the same time every day) can help maintain healthy digestive and urinary health, preventing things like constipation or bladder infections.

All dogs benefit from walks, but then how often should we walk a dog? Well, it can vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours a day, depending on factors such as the age, breed, size, and general health condition of your pawsome. If you have an elderly dog or one with health problems, be sure to consult your veterinarian first for advice on what’s best for your companion.

Dog Walking with Yomashi!

At Yomashi we know you can’t always take your pooch for a walk, so we have a variety of providers ready to give your dog an unforgettable experience!

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